Style Over Substance

by The Persona

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Hipster Girl 03:55
I saw her in the coffee shop Reading Vonnegut through Ray Bans Vegan pizza on her plate She caught on Instagram iPod buds in her ears nodding to the latest bands I asked her what she's doing tonight, but she doesn't make plans she might work on her Tumblr design her next tattoo she doesn't own a TV she's got projects yet to do She knits her own scarves she rolls her own cigarettes I mentioned a few bands She's already heard of them. She's into every scene, It's always something new She knows the all highest fashions and all the lowest too She's just so stimulating I don't know what to do Hipster girl I think I liked you Before it was cool. Sushi, soy milk, Whole Foods, yoga class Tight are her leggings on her cute hipster ass She's a roller derby referee She doesn't own a car Gets her news by podcast downloaded from NPR She drinks PBR Tallboys all night long She's really quite ambitious Like the girl from that Cake song And reads Pitchfork reviews She's got a vinyl collection She could be my next muse and give me new direction Hipster boy You invited me to hear you sing Hear your hipster poetry You said you wrote a song for me Hipster boy Seems that you are really sweet Loosen up your skinny jeans Won't you come and dance with me?
DJ saved my life last night Now I know everything is all right One more chance to say goodbye ‘cuz a DJ saved my life Bright white light strikes sight from my eyes The flash and the drink keep me stumblin' blind There's four on the floor, pour some more of mine And if I get back on the stool I can clear my mind Hit again with white and I gasp for breath Tonight I might die so I pass for Death The scythe, my bottle, I die alone Blood pumps faster than the flash of the strobe Another flash passes over and I know I'm gone DJ wakes up to put a fresh hit on A kick, and a kick, and a kick from the song Clap snaps me awake, guess I might make dawn ‘cuz People keep close life is easy Hands on hips, “Get close to me" Grind in more, “Let me see” Teeth grind too my mind is free 4/4 pulse just keeps me going Bass buzzing chest just like I'm moaning light scatters from crowd to eyes to floors and it’s 140BPM this morning I shiver from the sweat passin' under the vent Hit the door with my shoulder, through the frame I step My mouth is dry; my eyes are wet And tomorrow I'm'a do it all over again ‘cuz Double time snare Strobe lightning fills the air Feel the thunder Feel the power Feel the fire Feel it here Vibrations in the floor Now I know we’re going down Electric in the sky Now our minds are in the clouds And my mind’s an open door And my mind’s an open war As the lights fill the floor I cast my sights on yours A blur from the scythe Like a knife in my mind A gasp as you near pulling lips close to mine As the pulse pulls the hair on the back of my neck And the beat breaks the breath full of life in my chest I ready arms’ embrace and my eyes open wide Watching visions in the sky Now I know I’m alive, ‘cuz
Superstar 03:38
Stopped with the six, now you're sure I got swag Steppin' on the stage, you heard it's a P-thang See man, I'm broadcasting like C-SPAN Bench-pressing beats just like my name was He-Man Master of the Groovebox Kick, Snare, Hammer, Nail Pullin'em out my toolbox Lead singles tellin' ya who you can't stop Who rocks? The Poe with a system shock Lean back deep like I kept the ring finger Haven't seen your momma but I can't wait to meet her Earth-shakin' beats with our bodies easy breakin' new ground like a baby teething Bodies grinding behind the lines I'm singing White boy voice and the stank I bring'em Got no choice but to up and tell'em about that funk so thick it stank up to the heavens I'm a hip-hop, synth-pop, alt-rock, can't stop, won't stop, will not, 'til I drop Superstar Yo, no guitarist goes harder than a poet pushing play He steps back, looks up, says hey man this seems easy Well, of course it's easy, doncha see it's me, G? Like Midas I touch and tweak turning knobs into beats So, step if you please, into the forest like trees, Where I'm rockin' and rollin' autumn stop'n'golden from green as if my beats are firm and my lines are ripe And I'm'a cut a few rhymes for the house tonight The show is gold so don't disrespect it Lines from all sides just like you're dyslexic Hectic-what's that? Oh, shit-He wrecked it puzzled-up muscle tongue twist then flexing the kinda rhyme you shoulda tried but you didn't so now you ride in the back of the car where you're easy to ignore you're trying to be hard, but you're leaving us bored showing off your scars, but this is the score The Poet's a star, I'm gonna brighten the world
Streetlights flashing code I’m seeing stories in the sky Trying to find you in my phone Trying to lose you in my mind The design between the gaps  has me seeing my breath you’re the ghost in my chest there’s so much of you left Gasping you in the streets as I stumble to sleep Make my way to the door  and pull out my key Why can’t I find my lock or my lock find me? I guess I’ll just write another disco song I don’t really want them to know what’s wrong The pen yet holds the line I’m realizing myself My guest was good as gone Cuz I was watching my step Well, a poet’s heart beats harder  when it’s got some space So I showed her to the door I didn’t want her to stay And now these visions in the sky Shining like diamonds in my eyes If I could get you off my mind Maybe a portal in my lines Then I could find another way Another time another place Learning lessons from my ghosts Gonna rhyme a brand new day
Girl, be mine As stars we've gotta shine Look into the sky; see our future shootin' by Don't let a wish die Let your wish fly Look into my eyes make the same wish as I You remind me of 7th grade Times when I first thought of girls for days Brought me back to my first kiss Back to that innocence Try to make the diamonds from the dirty coal Taking threads of lead, try to spin'em to gold If I wanna get your number but I gotta be bold If I'm gonna be answer in the story told Lightning strikes but once I won’t let you pass me by As I’m reaching from the earth to meet you up in the sky Cast your vision to the blue Read my lines amongst the clouds And we'll bring life to earth If we ever come back down Sweaty palms holding hands Gotta chance; make it last Good times gone fast Come here girl we gotta dance Give me a chance, 'cuz I wanna be your man, I want no other Step into my arms, girl, I'm gonna be, I'll be, your vocoder lover! From the stage I caught your glance And I saw you part your lips Twisting on the floor Where you knew I'd find your hips Your bait lured me near This musician is your prey Now let's move to the beat 'til the break of the day. Breath of life; parted lips Dance floor, first kiss Gotta chance, can't miss, Come closer, needed this Hey girl,  I’ve never felt this way before You’ve found a part of me  Only you could discover I thought I’d never feel this way again I thought I’d never recover You’re the only one for me Let me be your vocoder lover
Rock the Mic 06:09
No information, just interceptions For conversations I'm contraceptive If you ain't talkin' 'bout me Then don't botha cummin' Runnin' to community Spotlight scrutiny steppin' to the stage still talkin' like it's you 'n' me. These expectations of exclamations This exaggerating should interest'em If you're curious then you might ought to listen Guessing where I'm gonna go Hearing what you oughta know Pulling out guitars guess he thinks it's rock'n'roll Fillin' up your cup after twisting my wrist Drop another verse for your white-stained kiss Splatter on your ears like late night video Whatcha think of this, y'all? Well, pluck that string and let it scream alt-rock lick 'til I do my thing I came to the stage just to rock the day When the day comes to pass I'm'a rock the night When the night has arrived I'm'a rock the party Never gonna stop 'til I rock the mic So you play real music? Your band goes hard? Well, I'll solo on your girl While you finger your guitar I've got more rock in the numbers When I'm pressin' those buttons Then I step to the stage Where I don't press nothin' Got presence alone More than your whole band I have half in my Mac and my mic in my hand And if they heard the first verse, then the kids oughtta know I don't need guitars To make it rock'n'roll They told me too much candy's gonna make me sick But I need the sweetness I'm addicted to kicks So I step to spit Can't make me quit You don't want me to hit? Well, I don't give a shit. New-wave twang, Gibson crunch Blues drive pedals and programmed drums 58 for my mic and a Roland for my beats Persona on the vocals MicroKorg synth lead Write it all for the rock 'n' roll I don't wanna die but I don't wanna get old Write all for the rock 'n' roll I don't wanna die before my story's told. So rejoice! Beats be with you! I am more than man I got rhythmic virtue Got my altar in the studio And for my congregation, crescendos! Like the sun rising up Or a comet crashing down I am rays of shining hope casting broad across this town Morning dew sparkles for me and all who hear choose to adore me Now the sun it is set and the song it is over Rest your souls within my glow and you find joy in these verses Tomorrow!


released November 4, 2017

All songs written, recorded, produced, and performed by The Persona. All songs engineered by Peyton Long and Dylan Cameron with additional engineering by The Persona. All songs mastered by Dylan Cameron.


all rights reserved



The Persona Austin, Texas

Austin-based ElectroPop–Alternative Hip Hop; featuring a stage presence that ventures from punk rock attitude to hip hop braggadocio to sly indie irony.

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